19 Ranking Factors on Taobao Search

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English: Marketplace logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many people have made a fortune selling on Taobao but getting ranked high on relevant Taobao search pages is sometimes difficult. Our team have complied 19 ranking factors that affect products ranking on Taobao SERPs.

  1. Items from Tmall.com are favored
  2. Sellers participating in Taobao’s Consumer Protection Agreement
  3. Feedback score and star levels
  4. Sellers cheating will have a negative impact
  5. The refund rate
  6. Conversion rate
  7. Complaint rate
  8. Daily average online time of Ali instant messenger
  9. Positive feedback
  10. Speed of delivery
  11. Accuracy of product descriptions
  12. Alipay usage rate
  13. Quality of service
  14. Popular products are listed higher
  15. Percentage of returning buyers
  16. Total views of single product item
  17. Positive feedback ratio in the last 30 days
  18. Reasonable use of product keywords
  19. Total transactions in the last 30 days

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