Total Weibo Users: Sina v.s. Tencent

Sina and Tencent last week released in the Q3 financial results their latest number of microblogging (Weibo) users. We created a chart for a quick comparison of this two most popular Weibo platforms in China in the last three quarters.

Chart: Total No. of Weibo Users: Sina v.s. Tencent

Total No. of Weibo Users: Sina v.s. Tencent

Tencent Weibo is growing faster than Sina Weibo; the number of daily active users on Tencent Weibo has exceeded 50 million, which is twice of Sina Weibo.


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    I’m curious though if Tencent is appropriate for business style conversations. What I can tell is that it seems to be much more focused on lifestyle conversations. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. 



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