China Online Travel Booking Market Share Update for Q2

China Online Travel Booking Market Share in Q2 2012

China Online Travel Booking Market Share in Q2 2012

Ctrip remained the leader in China’s online travel booking market in the second quarter with 41.8% market share by revenue according to Analysis International’s latest report.

iResearch’s Q1 data indicate the same amount of market share owned by Ctrip. eLong has shown strongest growth from 7.4% in Q1 to 13.2% in Q2.


  1. Wswomley says

    where is this coming from>? i cant find any info on eLong’s revenue growth. in order for market share to double in the environment, rev must be up 130%. expedia doesnt break out revenue for elong, only earnings, and weve seen margin contraction, which is why earnings only increased like 20-25%, with revenue increasing 130%? thoughts?

  2. Wswomley says

    between 2009 and 2011, they grw revenue by a total of 65% (CAGR=18%). Between Q1 and Q2, they grew revenue by 110%. If the market grows 20% on annualized basis, so 5% in Q2, the index = 105. 7/100->13.2/100, or 13.9/105. 13.9/7=2. so maybe closer to 100% than 130%



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