Weixin Users Exceeded 200 Million

Tencent’s Weixin Team announced a milestone in the total number of Weixin; 200 million on the dawn of Sep 17. It only took 14 months for Weixin to gain 100 million users since its launch. Then it exceeded 200 million less than half year later.

Ma Huateng, head of Tencent, showed his point of view towards mobile internet in the 2012 China Internet Conference on Sep 11.

“We can easily predict that mobile internet is the leading trend. At the same time, PC internet enters a platform period. Judged from the net flow and potential market, mobile internet is better than PC internet. The whole internet industry should embrace this change and take advantage of this trend.”


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    Incredible growth. What makes this even more important is that once people embrace Weixin, they seem to abandon ALL other communications channels: Facebook  / RenRen / Twitter / WeiBo / Email / IM… It’s a black out technology. Is there really no-one in the west  putting out a clone of this service?


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