Sina Weibo Launched Paid “Retweet” Feature

sina weibo readers link

Sina Weibo is testing its new paid “retweet” feature among a small group of users.

As we know, each personally composed microblog post (or tweet) has a “read” link beneath it, which shows the number of people who have read your tweet. Now, Sina Weibo added new feature, after clicking the “read” link, you will see a box like the one show above.

It shows that you could choose from a list of influential accounts to retweet your post by paying a reasonable price. You could either pay 20 yuan (about USD 3.3) for the first account with 700 thousand followers, or pay 50 yuan (USD 8.2) for the second account with 6.9 million followers.

Last year, Sina launched micro-task to manage paid “retweet” in enterprise weibo accounts. It seems Sina is promoting this service to a wider range of users. Sina Weibo takes 30% management fee for this service.

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