China OTA Tourist Sites Tickets Booking Market in Nov 2013

china tourist sites tickets sold in online main travel websites in nov 2013

According to CTCNN, a Chinese travel industry finance media, it monitored 5 main online travel agencies’ tourist sites tickets booking market in November 2013. 17u ranked the top with 5,016 tickets sold out online. Followed by Yikuaiqu, Ctrip, Lvmama and Tuniu. Except for 17u, the other four OTA experienced growth in November. 17u dropped 1% monthly, while Yikuaiqu went up with 11.3% MoM increase. Tuniu increased monthly by 12.4%, Ctrip and Lvmama both grew 3.2%.

china online travel websites tourist sites tickets coverage comparison

The data collected from 171 5A tourist sites tickets online booking in five main OTA showed that Yikuaiqu and Tuniu’s 5A tourist sites coverage rate increased in November 2013. Yikuaiqu’s 5A sites coverage rate went up from 41% to 56%, surpassed Ctrip and Lvmama and second only to 17u. Tuniu’s 5A sites coverage rate increased from 40% to 43%.

china online travel websites tourist sites tickets sale comparison

Online tourist sites tickets were divided into three categories: standard tickets, part of tourist sites tickets and package tickets. 17u ranked top in standard tickets, with 65 5A tourist sites which accounted for 62% of all. Yikuaiqu and Lvmama had the highest percentage of standard tickets, as high as 67%. In November, package tickets sold online kept decreasing, 17u package tickets dropped from 25% in October to 19% in November. Ctrip package tickets dropped from 23% to 22%, and Lvmama dropped from 16% to 14%.

Normally, November is the off season for tourism. However, Double 11 also created opportunities for OTA, many of them launched promotion discount products in package which stimulated consumers travelling demands, and affected their consuming habits to turn from offline to online and mobile end.


  1. ShawnJensen says

    OTAs are going to continue to grow because of the low prices they deliver to the travel bound consumer. The second level sites like really can save you thousands if you travel often.


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