A Quick Guide to Baidu PPC Keywords Quality Score


Baidu used one to three stars, in combination with different colors, to indicate the quality score of keywords; this is often confusing to inexperienced PPC marketers. And, Baidu updated its system recently to show keywords quality from a scale of zero to ten along with five stars, ten being the highest quality as illustrated in the screen capture above.

Let’s take a closer look at what each score means for Baidu PPC keywords:

  • 0: equivalent to previous one grey star; this indicates low impression keywords
  • 1: equivalent to previous one grey and green star, for keywords with little chance to be displayed on the left side of Baidu SERPs
  • 2-10: keywords no less than a score of 2 have chances to be displayed on the left; the higher the score, the better the quality score

The higher the quality score, the more competent the keyword becomes.

What Affects Baidu PPC Quality Score

There are many factors affecting your Baidu keywords quality score; and I’ll share some factors having direct impact on your quality score:

  • Click Through Rate, or CTR. This is the most important factor. 
  • Relevance of ad copies and landing pages, being the second most important factors
  • Account history performance
  • The ratio of active keywords in the account
  • Account active status duration

Please note that account credibility score doesn’t have any impact on your keywords quality score.

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