Baidu Launched Website Monitoring Service


Baidu recently launched a cloud technology based service monitoring website security and loading speed.

Whether or not you can read Chinese, simply visit this service, enter your website URL and get a scanning results of your website security and loading speed. To get more accurate results, we recommend you register, add and verify your website first without which some features are not available.

Website Health Check

This service will check your website security flaws and provide a score:

  1. Below 7: bad
  2. 7-8: ordinary
  3. 8-9: ok
  4. 9-10: good
  5. 10 points: very good

If you register, add and verify your Chinese website, the score will keep updated. Baidu pointed out that a low score may affect your search engine ranking. So for SEOers, this is a tool you can use to monitor website performance.

Website Loading Speed

Baidu monitoring service checks website loading speed from various locations, displayed a map. It also provides speed optimization recommendations.

Once you sign up and verify your website, you can receive real time alert by email and/or SMS.


  1. kitinphuket says

    What is a cost effective way to improve website speed in China? Google app engine seems to be blocked along with other Google services since the start of June. For this reason we have moved to Cloudflare but results are not great.

  2. says

    What else can the tool do? I know that many business like to save money and buy tools which are all in one – all types of monitoring is under one software. What do you think of such a tendency? Have ever heard about the software Anturis, which is offer usch kind of monitoring?

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