Baidu Launched Open Beta Test Platform

Baidu officially released its Open Beta Test Platform last Tuesday, a convenient “one-stop shop” for users interested in participating the latest Baidu products testing. Upon

Renren Reached 137 Million Users in Q3 2011

Renren last week announced its unaudited Q3 financial results, who also made their first post-IPO strategic acquisition, 56.com in Q3, a leading Chinese user-generated-content focused

Baidu Webmaster Tools Guide

Baidu Webmaster Platform provides tools to optimize Chinese websites. It has been in invitation-only testing for over a year and it’s just launched public beta.

Baidu Yi: Baidu’s Bet on Mobile

Baidu launched a new homepage and “Yi Platform” for mobile phones at last week’s Baidu Technology Innovation Conference 2011. Mobile Internet is considered where the

Baidu Launched Connect Open Platform

Baidu Connect open platform is based on OAuth2.0 and opens up Baidu user account system, buddy relationship chain and related product core data interface to

CIW eBooks

eBook: China E-Commerce Factories

E-commerce factory is the collaboration of the manufacturing industry and the internet. Under the circumstances of retail sector being depressed while the traffic of e-commerce