JD.com, Inc is one of the top technology and retail companies headquartered in Beijing, China. It started in the traditional retail business of electronics products and has expanded to logistics, fintech, consumer retail, and healthcare sectors.

JD.com’s main competitors include Alibaba Group, and Pinduoduo. Check out the company’s latest quarterly performance highlights here.

Find out details about Jingdong platform here.

About JD.com

Chinese internet company JD.com Inc, formerly known as 360Buy, is one of China’s largest B2C online retailers and e-commerce companies and now listed on NASDAQ since May 2014.

JD.com offers a vast selection of products, across every major category (electronics, apparel and home furnishings, FMCG, fresh food, home appliances and others), and delivering them at fast speeds to Chinese consumers.

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Jingdong (JD.com) Business Overview

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JD.com Inc Global E-commerce Presence

JoyBuy.com runs JD’s export e-commerce retail operation.

JD Central (JDC), the e-commerce joint venture of JD.com in Thailand

JD.com started with a focus on online direct sales selling electronics products on 360buy.com. As it gained popularity, it started accepting other retailers as an e-commerce marketplace.


JD Logistics

JD Logistics, a business group under JD.com, which leverages the company’s advanced technology and logistics expertise to provide smart supply chain and logistics services to businesses across a wide range of industries.

Currently, JD.com operated 25 “Asia No. 1” logistics parks, which are among the largest and most automated smart fulfillment centers in Asia.

JD.com also leverages a network of over 730 warehouses with a total of approximately 17 million square meters, including warehouse space managed under the JD Logistics Open Warehouse Platform.

JD.com is the only e-commerce platform in the world to provide small-to-medium sized warehousing, oversized warehousing, cross border, cold chain delivery, frozen and chilled warehousing facilities, B2B and crowdsourcing logistics.

Jingdong opened its logistics platform to partners, so that they can leverage JD.com’s unparalleled nationwide logistics network to provide an industry-leading level of delivery service.

JD.com is able to achieve rates of approximately 90% of orders delivered the same or next day, a rate of fulfillment that no other e-commerce company of JD.com’s scale can match globally.

JD built the world’s first fully-automated warehouse in Shanghai, and we are currently developing our own drones delivery and automatic delivery robots.

JD Finance

In 2013, Jingdong recorded RMB125.5 billion (US$20.7 billion) in GMV, surpassing RMB100 billion.

In October, JD Finance was established as an independent business group.

In July 2014, JD Finance launched China’s largest crowdfunding platform.

In March 2015, it launched China’s largest private equity financing service to help attract investment for start-ups.


Who owns JD.com?

As of February 28, 2019, Liu Qiangdong, CEO of Jingdong, was the second-largest shareholder with a 15.4% stake in the company. Tencent holds 17.8% of the shares, making it the largest shareholder. In addition, Wal-Mart holds a 9.9% stake in Jingdong and is its third largest shareholder.

What digital properties does JD.com Inc operate?

JD runs domestic e-commerce website JD.com and cross-border e-commerce through JD Worldwide (import). And, it uses JD Global sells to overseas Chinese; JoyBuy.com runs JD’s export e-commerce retail operation.

JD.com Inc Company News & Insights

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