China Internet Statistics 2018

This whitepaper provides an overview of China internet users and China internet market.

As of December 2017, the number of China internet users totaled 772 million according to data from CNNIC with a penetration rate of 55.8%. Users from China’s urban area account for 73% of total users. China internet users an average spend 27 hours per week on the internet. About 11.5% users have Bachelor’s degree or higher educations.

China’s post-80s (46%) and post-90s (28.7%) are the main driving force of the mobile internet.

Search engine users in China reached 624 million in December 2017. Online news applications saw 620 million users; instant messaging 694 mn; internet literature 644 mn; and, online video 549 million according to data from CNNIC.

The monthly active mobile devices exceeded 1 billion units as of Dec 2017 according to data from QuestMobile.

The top social apps include WeChat, QQ, QZone, Weibo, and Momo. WeChat’s monthly active users exceeded one billion in Q1 2018.


China Internet Statistics 2018 (Overview) from ChinaInternetWatch
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