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china internet in 2015

Top CIW Articles in 2015

Year 2015 is almost over; let’s recall some of the top keywords for China internet that got so much attention in the world: outbound tourism,

mobile mailbox

China Email Users Overview 2015

China’s mobile internet users reached 901 million as of September of 2015 according to China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The mobile e-mail users

China Navigation Websites Study

Navigation websites are similar to directory websites, listing websites by categories and making it easier for users to find what they need. It’s set as


Chinese Female Internet Users Insight

75% of Chinese families’ consumption is decided by women and their influence is extended to internet and mobile internet. In 2012, purchase by female Internet users

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eBook: Tmall Global Guide

Tmall Global is a leading cross-border e-commerce platform in China, enabling Chinese consumers to buy products from other countries. Introduced in 2014, international brands on