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Find out China consumer stats insights including Chinese consumer behavior, china consumer price index, china consumer confidence, etc.

Top Chinese FMCG Brands 2023

Kantar Worldpanel, CTR’s partner in China, has unveiled its eleventh annual Global Brand Footprint Report, ranking brands in China’s rapidly changing consumer goods market for

China household consumption trends

In 2022, the per capita consumption expenditure of the national residents in China was 24,538 yuan, a nominal increase of 1.8% over the previous year,

online luxury buyers insight in 2015

China Digital Luxury Report 2021

China’s post-90s (those born after 1990) are expected to contribute to 46% of China’s luxury purchases in 2021, according to joint research by Tencent Marketing

CIW eBooks

eBook: Win Chinese Market with Content

This eBook shares three trends of digital content consumption in China, China’s digital content ecosystem, and how content help businesses in branding and driving sales

eBook: China E-Commerce Factories

E-commerce factory is the collaboration of the manufacturing industry and the internet. Under the circumstances of retail sector being depressed while the traffic of e-commerce

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