Baidu Integrating Social Into Search Results Similar to “Google +1″

Social Feature in Baidu Search Results

Social Feature in Baidu Search Results

Baidu is found been testing Google +1 like features in its search results pages, like the screenshot shown above. A thumb up icon is displayed with a number in SERPs beside the display URL, like the Facebook Like box.

Visit this link (“Baidu”) or this one (“Guge”, Google’s Chinese brand name) or this (“Sogou”) to have a live view. I tested some keywords and only found keywords related to search engine brand terms that triggers this social icon.

You must be wondering where this number comes from. Baidu does not have Google+ like social network but they launched a social sharing tool called “Baidu Share” last June. This number indicates the number of times a web page is shared using Baidu Share, according to Baidu’s official post at Sina Weibo.

Baidu Share is not the most popular social bookmarking service in China; not yet. The “leak” of this social feature could be an indication of Baidu’s intention to boost the adoption of Baidu Share more broadly and rapidly. I think this feature may take months before official launch.


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