Baidu Site App Platform: Turn Your Website into WebApp

If you are observing an increase in mobile traffic with high bounce rate, you probably should consider designing a mobile site (if your site is not based on responsive design). If you don’t have a budget for that, you can use this tool from Baidu called Baidu Site App.

According to Tencent NewsBaidu Site App Platform is the 1st online web app builder in China, officially launched on Sep 3. It can provide website developers with integrated services such as webapp delivery, net flow and user importing.

There had been 10,041 registered users, 8,919 submitted portals and 843 of them were rated as good three weeks since its launch.

The five main features of Baidu Site App are:

  • Provides multiple sets of templates
  • Auto-sync of content
  • Helps mobile search ranking
  • Supports Baidu Analytic
  • Free for ever

Users can register and log in on Baidu Site App Platform. Enter the URL of selected websites, choose Web App templates, and modify specific functions. After deploying domain name, users should submit for official approvement. Once passed, the web app will be online on the mobile internet.

For developers, the advantage of Site App is gradually appearing. As an online builder of mobile web app, Site App can easily turn PC portals into mobile web app. Meanwhile, with the help of Baidu Analytic, intelligent operation can be easily realized. Also, there will be more inputs of net flow and users from Baidu mobile search engine and other means. For example, websites, which are turned into Web App, will have better expression on mobile. This will help the website get higher ranking on results page.

As for users, the transformation of Site App will help them save time and resources. Users have to search, download and install Native app before really using it, which is quite inconvenient. Not to mention how much memory capacity it will occupy. But if native app transforms into web app via Site App Platform, users can get access to a variety of apps without downloading.

We will not deny it is native app that facilitates the explosion of mobile internet but it has its  inevitable limitation. In contrast, web app will not be limited by relative hardware and software vendors while maximize the net profit of developers. We can easily anticipate its leading role in the near future.


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