China Search Engine Market Share in 2012

China Search Engine Market Share in 2012

According to China search engine market quarterly data in 2012 released by EnfoDesk, the China search engine leader Baidu accounted for 78.6% of the total search engine market, Google for 15.6%, while Sogou 3.1%.

In 2012, Baidu had about 78% of the search engine market share. Its growth tended to slow down since the second quarter of 2012, but kept its share to 78.6%.

Google China in the mainland market, mainly relied on export trade for its search revenue. It’s a good effective channel of the oversea marketing and promotion for China’s domestic advertisers, which also added to Google’s revenue.

Sogou’s market share kept stably increasing, and the impact of the new competitors was low. The “Chinese language input software – Brower – Search Engine” strategy proved to be successful. Sogou Input took its free platform advantage,bringing a huge amount of users together, and drove the brower download and search engine usage. Although in the latter part of the year, Qihoo 360 entered the search engine market, however not affecting the traffic of Sogou search.



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