China Mobile App Ad Revenue Up to 1.06 Billion Yuan in Q2

iResearch, partnering with domob, recently issued the second quarterly mobile app advertising data. According to the report, daily average PV and UV on domob both have steady growth. Advertising impression of Android and iOS gets market share of 60% and 40% respectively.

For 2012 Q2, tools, FMCG and e-commerce are the top 3 categories of advertisers advertising on mobile apps. As more and more advertisers in FMCG, automobile and games step onto this channel, advertisers of content publishers and games are more eager. Mobile app ad revenue reaches 1.06 billion yuan (USD 169 million) in total.

Domob daily average advertisement PV and UV grow steadily

Q2, domob daily average advertisement PV is up to 0.36 billion and the number of daily UV reaches 18 million.

Android and iOS remain as front runners with 60% and 40% of impressions.

Comparing with Q1, Domob advertising impression on Android grows rapidly. The proportion of impression on Android and iOS devices is 60%, 40%; and impressions of other systems continually decrease.

Tools, E-Commerce and FMCG are the Top3 Advertisers

In the second quarter, advertisers of tools, e-commerce and FMCG fill out the top ranks on Domob, accounting for 55%. As for the CTR comparison, Games advertisement gets 1.87% CTR, outclassing other industries.

FMCG, automobile, and games have a steady lift in ad delivery on Domob.

In Q2, the number of e-commerce advertisers decreases. The main reason is its slow YoY growth in transactions. And some e-commerce clients reduce Smartphone advertisement delivery, resulting in the decrease of the ad delivery proportion. On the other hand, games advertisers increase their ad delivery proportion rapidly. Moreover, FMCG and Automobile advertisers have a lift in the branding advertisement.

Advertisers of Content Publisher and Games More Willing to Invest

Content publishers, games and online video have the highest Ad delivery. CTRs of digital content and games stay on the leading position. According to iResearch analysis, among all current apps, digital content and games both belong to the categories of which users are willing to stay a long time.

The Revenue of China Mobile App Ad Platform Keeps Increasing Rapidly

In the second quarter of 2012, China Mobile App ad platform’s revenue is 1.06 billion yuan, up by 135.6% compared with that in 2011. The performance mainly comes from the growth of impressions, advertisers and average ad input. Under the influence of macro-economy, the bursting point of Mobile App advertising will delay to 2013.


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