What Content Did Chinese Search Most In 2013?

search content distribution in 2013

Baidu has released top search terms report by December 2013, now another report showed the search contents rank list. In 2013, the top 5 most-searched contents were film & TV, commodity supply & demand, education, game and travel, according to a report released by Baidu. The demand for education, travel, film & TV increased significantly in 2013. Baidu suggested webmasters paid attention to these field.

Education mainly refers to the demand for education resources, including course ware, course recommendation, professional examinations information, training institution and so on. Webmasters may integrate information about professional examinations to provide one-stop service for users. In terms of course ware and recommendation, websites could segment users according to their vocation and demand, then provide them with specific information.

The demand for travel included the source of destination recommendation, tickets booking, hotel reservation and travel note. Different user groups varied in characteristic, interest and demand. There are noteworthy differences for webmasters.

Film & TV resources included online video, video download, film review, variety shows, micro film and so on. The resources can be deeply integrated by relationship between films and actors. The content construction of information about film & TV is also important for webmasters.


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