China Search Engine Market Reached 11.16 Bn Yuan in Q1 2014

China Search Engine Market by Revenue Q1 2012-Q12014

According to EnfoDesk, in Q1 2014, China search engine market reached 11.16 billion yuan (USD 1.81 billion). Channel revenue excluded, Baidu accounted for 79%market share by revenue, Google China accounted for 12.8%, the new Sogou (including Soso) ranked the third with 5.4%.

China Search Engine Market Share by Revenue in Q1 2014 (Channel Revenue Not Included)

In Q1 2014, Baidu led the search engine market with 77.1% share (channel revenue included), Google China accounted for 11%. New Sogou (including Soso) accounted for 8.1%.

China Search Engine Market Share by Revenue in Q1 2014 (Channel Revenue Included)

Baidu remained as the market leader in China in Q1 2014, keyword advertising was still the top priority of Chinese advertisers. Meanwhile, Baidu also improved its search engine marketing management and enhanced user experience. Revenue from mobile search also reinforced Baidu’s status in search engine market.

Google’s market share in China kept shrinking, its main revenue came steadily from helping Chinese advertisers reach overseas market.

The new Sogou (including Soso) focused on PC and mobile terminals at the same time. In PC terminal, Sogou’s traffic entrances added Tencent’s browser, QQ, etc. In mobile terminal, via QQ mobile browser and Sogou mobile browser and mobile Tencent websites and Sohu, the new Sogou’s development was promising.


  1. ElenaQian says

    what happened to Qihoo 360 in Q1 2014?  It was not even included in the study and market share for Google jumped, was that supposed to be for Qihoo 360’s market share on search in China?

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