China Online Ads Market: Review and Prospect

Benefiting from the rapid development of e-commerce, China online ads market reached 14.53 billion yuan (USD2.33 billion) in Q3 2012, which is building its historical high.

Moreover, the overall revenue of China online ads market had surpassed that of newspaper, becoming the second most important media by Q2 2012. And it is catching up with the revenue of TV ads. It seems that the value of online advertising had been generally recognized and admitted by advertisers and they tended to invest more into this area.

Rapid Growth of China AdSense

AdSence, video ads, online community ads and portal ads are encroaching the market share of search engine ads. Among them, AdSense had been growing fastest, reaching 2.01 billion yuan (USD320 million) in Q3 2012.

Judging from the traffic, AdSense surpassed search engine ads for the very first time. It is estimated that AdSense will become more and more important by providing multifunctional services while search engine ads will slow down the footsteps.



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