Wechat 5.0 Public Account Operation Guide

Subscription and service account

After Wechat 5.0 was launched, the Wechat public account is now separated to the subscription account and the service account. Service account can only send a message in a month, many people may ask, how to operate Wechat service account?

Wechat service account was almost deprived of group sending function, which was really a big loss. However, Tencent nicely added several features for the service account :

  1. The upgraded service account can apply for customized menu
  2. Android users can add the public accounts to the desktop icons
  3. Wechat service platform can use third-party platform to make up for the deficiency of limited group messaging service.

A series of changes on Wechat 5.0 as well as Wechat third-party platform, in fact, open a door for independent service account App building, which points out a broader road for the service account.

Tips for Wechat Official Account Management

1. Don’t be easily forgotten by followers

The first thing to think about is: How can you create a service account which is not easily forgotten by followers?

For Android users, thanks to Wechat 5.0 for giving the public platform the function that the service account icon can be added to the desktop, Wechat official account gets an independent “App coat”. Users can see your account icons everyday when they use phones, and naturally will not easily forget your account.

For Apple users, you can utilize some third party game platform to create custom games integrating your brand elements.

WECOOL platform has launched a pair matching game.

2. Be a clear account

The second thing to do is: It could never be a bad idea to show the distinctive features to your followers, and put them in the most prominent position. Wechat 5.0 offers the service account customized menu. Followers can see features navigation in the most prominent position when they enter the service account. We no longer have to worry about fans not knowing how to get appropriate service.

So how to set up a customized menu? This can be done via the standard procedures for Wechat, or you can also finish that by a third-party service. As far as I know, WECOOL is the first third-party platform to quickly set customized menu.


First of all, fill in the information of your public platform to complete the authorization settings; secondly, and then add the menu and manage the menu list; last, edit the corresponding menu items (marked above in the area 3).

The image below is the customized menu when using the WECOOL account management platforms. A-level menu (level one menu) is the main menu which displays on the bottom of the page directly, and when you click on A-level menu, sub-menu pops up and that’s B-level menu (level two menu). The place 3 in the picture is referred to the original binding rules interacting with the corresponding set rules in the menu, click on the menu item after binding or enter this rule you will get the same feedback interactive content.

A&Blevel menu

The advantages of the customized menu lie not only in that you can display features in the most obvious place directly, but also allow followers to know how to interact effectively with the service account no matter how long they leave. If there is no customized menu, many service account operators do not pay attention to public account interaction logics, once they didn’t use for a long time, these followers would forget the corresponding rules.

3. Wechat message center v.s. group messaging

After the first two steps, you can keep followers to frequently interact with the service account, and every time the followers enter the interface of the service account, they can easily see the content we want to display in the most prominent place. And what’s more, they get to learn how to properly obtain the appropriate information, so you no longer depend on the group messaging to do the promotion.

Of course, for part of operators who have the great demand for Wechat group messaging, although they can not do group messaging more than once a month, but they still can seek some alternative solutions. Wecool seems to have the foresight, before the Wechat 5.0 was on-line they opened a personal center function, this function allows followers to check their points accumulation, activity awards, mall gift exchange points, as well as a separate message center.


In the message center, you can engage in a dialogue with the public accounts. And you can receive messages from the system, which can be set up as the automated response system.

In the future, the public accounts may also send system messages to each other. The dialogue with the public accounts can be managed in the backend. What’s more, the service account can do the precise targeting based on the degree of active followers. This is actually coincide with what Wechat 5.0 has adjusted the public account, both of them aimed for minimizing the disturbance to the followers, and to convey the information they need most.


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