360 Search Gaining Over 28% Market Share

China Search Engine Market Share by Revenue in Q1 2014 (Channel Revenue Not Included)

CNZZ, a well known internet data service provider in China and part of Alimama (which is under Alibaba Group), released its finding on China search engine usage. It shows that Qihoo 360 search now has a usage rate and market share of 28% this Jun.

360 Search has a target of gaining a market share of 35% by the end of 2014, which seems achievable if the CNZZ finding is solid.

360?s single day market share on the first day of June surpassed 16%; it achieved a market share of 24% within the first year after launch.

In Q1 2014, China search engine market reached 11.16 billion yuan. Also find out China mobile search performance in 2013 here.


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