China Smart Device Shipment to Reach 390 Million

According to IDC’s latest data in the quarterly report, China’s smart device (including desktop, laptop, tablet PC and smartphone) shipment will reach 390 million in 2013, with the YoY growth of 33.1%. Influenced by the rapid growth of smartphone market, China smart device shipment is estimated to reach 560 million units.

China smartphone shipment will be approximately 300 million in 2013, with the YoY growth of 44.5%. Tablet PC will experience 25.1% growth in 2013. On the other hand, the traditional devices like desktop and laptop will suffer a decrease by 3.8%, affected by the growth of smartphones and tablet PC.

There are 20 manufacturers whose shipments will surpass 300,000. For the next two years, competition will mainly between 10 to 15 brands.


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