China Search Engine Market: Stats, Trends and Insights

Search is also one of the most popular Internet service in China and it should be an important part of your digital strategy in China. As Google is not a big player in China's search market but Baidu with over 70% market share, followed by Qihoo 360 and Sogou/Soso.

Baidu Launched Dynamic Search Ads Feature


Baidu recently launched a new feature for its PPC systmem — Dynamic Search Ads, which target relevant searches with ads generated directly from advertisers' web site dynamically. Baidu system will analyse internet users' search intention and replace default ad copy with the dynamic search ads if it doesn't match the search intention. … [Read more...]

What Content Did Chinese Search Most In 2013?

search content distribution in 2013

Baidu has released top search terms report by December 2013, now another report showed the search contents rank list. In 2013, the top 5 most-searched contents were film & TV, commodity supply & demand, education, game and travel, according to a report released by Baidu. The demand for education, travel, film & TV increased significantly in 2013. Baidu suggested … [Read more...]

China Mobile Search Development in 2013

mobile search content distribution in 2013

Baidu recently released 2014 China Website Development Report. In this report, Baidu revealed some facts about mobile search. Mobile search brought large revenue for Baidu. What did people search on mobile in 2013? Literal content was still in demand, for being convenient and costing little traffic. This might be a good news for webmasters of small and medium size websites.  … [Read more...]

Promising Mobile Search Worries Baidu No More


Baidu recently released its Q4 financial report, which showed its thriving mobile market development. Baidu mobile search was growing steadily, it's very unlikely that mobile search would threaten web search. Therefore, Baidu's search concentrated business model would be sustainable. But Baidu's solely profit pattern remained unsolved. … [Read more...]

China Search Engine Market Update for Q4 2013

China Search Engine Market Scale from Q4 2011-Q4 2013

Released by EnfoDesk, the statistic of the “Quarterly Marketing Supervision on China’s Internet Search Engine in Q4 2013” showed that the market of China’s search engine enterprises amounted to USD 11.42 billion. The market size increased by 1.2%, compared with Q3 2013, and had a 40.3% YoY increase. In 2013, the total market of China’s search engine enterprises reached USD … [Read more...]

Baidu Beat Market Expectations, Generated 9.52 Bn Revenue in Q4 2013

Revenue of Baidu in Q4 2013

Baidu financial report of Q4 in 2013 showed that the revenue hit 9.52 billion Yuan (USD 1.57 billion), with 50.3% YoY growth. Net profit belonging to Baidu was 2.78 billion Yuan (USD 460 million), falling slightly by 0.4% yearly. Moreover, mobile accounted for over 20% of revenue in Q4. Baidu's achievement in Q4 beat former expectations, leading to 8% rise of stock price. … [Read more...]