The cross-border e-commerce (CBEC) market is hot and competitive in China.

Import CBEC Platforms

Top import cross-border e-commerce platforms in China include:

1. Tmall Global, part of Tmall platform and owned by Alibaba Group, is leading the import cross-border e-commerce platform in China.

2. JD Worldwide, part of

3. Xiaohongshu, a social e-commerce platform where China internet users share their “best products” stories

4. Kaola, previously owned by Netease and now sold to Alibaba Group

5. Ymatou.

Export CBEC Platforms

The top export CBEC platforms among Chinese sellers are AliExpress (owned by Alibaba), Amazon, Wish, and eBay.

Chinese sellers are also active on Lazada (owned by Alibaba Group) and Shopee to reach buyers in the Southeast Asian countries.

Overseas Chinese consumers often buy on Taobao and use an agent or parcel forwarding service to get the products delivered.

China CBEC Trends & Insights

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